Superior Hardwood Doors and Hardwood Windows

Our products are manufactured with the finest materials- Strongwood is synonymous with quality workmanship and product durability. We offer a variety of standard products, from Strongwood doors to Strongwood hardwood timber windows. Not only do we offer a myriad of standard products, we also offer customised products, working closely with you and guaranteeing that you receive the ultimate product. From massive hardwood doors to petite hardwood window frames, Strongwood products are of the highest standards.

Strongwood Security Windows and Strongwood Security Doors

Our Strongwood Security range of windows and doors offer a unique and attractive security solution for your home or office. At a glance the range looks like cottage or small pane products. . The Strongwood Security window is low maintenance due to the fact that the bulk of the timber is on the inside and protected by the glass on the outside with the benefit of the concealed metal bar hidden inside the timber – Burglar proofing never looked so good.

Our Product Range Includes

Hardwood Windows

  • Full Pane
  • Awning Type
  • Small Pane
  • Circular Heads
  • Sliding Sash

Hardwood Doors

  • Door Frames
  • Entrance Door Units
  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Folding Doors